Growing Ransom-ware In Dorset


Growing Ransom-ware In Dorset

Gold hill computers would like to draw attention to a computer worm which has been circling Dorset called ransom ware.

The virus infects your computer, attacking the start-up of your Operating System, which when ran leaves the user with a Warning that their computer is locked and leaves users helpless to do anything on their PC. The scam claims to have traced your IP address and lock it until you pay the ‘ransom’. Some versions have even activated your webcam to make you think you are being watched!

This is form of scam is becoming more and more popular and seems genuine as it involves payment by either a wire transfer, premium-rate text messages, or through an online payment voucher service such as U-Kash, Paypoint and other payment processes that cannot be tracked so easily.

The scam ‘Police Ransom ware’ which tells you your computer is locked due to many different forbidden sites being viewed on it, even if the user has not visited these so called “forbidden sites”. The virus may also claim to have seen terroristic material on your Email.

We would like to make people aware that this scam does not know the contents of your PC, nor do they have any information of what you have been viewing. We urge victims of this scam to inform the police and seek help and advice from a local Professional IT consultant or IT store.

Written By Zac Hughes of Shaftesbury School on Work Experience at Gold Hill Computers

                                An Example of the Ransom-wareExample of Scam


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